Entire figure: Night Creeper V9
Paints used: Mr. Hobby GX Metal Black (armor), Tamiya Black (Mask, webgear), Mr. Hobby Super Chrome Silver 2 (visor)

While infiltrating a Cobra base, Snake Eyes disguises himself as a Night Creeper. While undercover as one of Cobra's ninja mercenaries, he is still able to take advantage of his Arashikage skills with little suspicion.

This was a very lazy custom I did for myself as a joke. I've seen customs on here that use a Snake Eyes head, a completely different body (say, Frostbite or Duke or Flint's body), and call it a Snake Eyes custom. I honestly really like those, actually. Seeing his signature black mask with a totally different costume is fun, and I plan to do an unironic one of those later on.

Plus, it's an homage to all those times that Snake Eyes has worn Cobra disguises while leaving on his signature mask. Only this time, he actually disguised himself as a Cobra ninja so that he could still be a ninja while being a ninja. (Yo dawg...)

At first, I just got this Night Creeper with extremely worn paint off of eBay, and then decided to paint over the faded gold armor pieces with gunmetal grey because I thought it looked cool.

Then I saw all those aforementioned Snake Eyes customs, and as a joke, painted the head all black with silver eyes as a reference to Snake Eyes' Ninja Force mask. Then I settled for calling this "Snake Eyes in Night Creeper Disguise".

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