All 50th Gung-Ho (repainted)

AK-Interactive Real Paints RC238 Light Blue FS34414

When I did my customs of Duke, Spirit, Roadblock in late 2018, I wanted to include Gung-Ho with the subset as part of my own ARAH JoeVerse "Tiger Force"--an unofficial squad of tough Joes from 83 to 85 without the actual Tiger patterned attire (I like the squad name, but don't need it taken so literally). The 50th Hasbro Gung-Ho build fit in just fine but needed some repaint and cleanup in my mind.

I repainted the blue a less vivid shade and added more green patches to the pants, all topped off with a matte varnish (which really helped the bare flesh). I also repainted the mustache and repainted the eyebrows for a meaner look (also aided by scraping off the factory eyepaint near the lower eyelid).

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