head: 25th Five-Pack Battle Pack Shipwreck, repainted
torso, upper arms: ROC SGT STONE, undershirt carved away, neck sculpted thicker, repainted
lower arms: 50th Gung-ho
legs: Retaliation Joe Colton
hands: 50th figure, unknown
Rope: 50th Storm Shadow (two-pack w/ Spirit), painted
belt: 25th Lady Jaye
Tattoos: Bad Mother Customs

Tamiya Flat Blue (pants)
AK Real Colors RC238 Light Blue (shirt)
Tamiya Flat Black & Tamiya Dark Grey blend (shoes, belt, etc)

When I did my customs of Duke, Spirit, Roadblock in late 2018, I wanted to include Shipwreck with the subset as part of my own ARAH JoeVerse "Tiger Force"-an unofficial squad of tough Joes from 83 to 85 without the actual Tiger patterned attire (I like the squad name, but don't need it taken so literally).

The original 25th Shipwreck is too small to work with my 2018 updates, and I never got the redo 5-pack version when it was at retail. I finally bought the 5-pack redo in late 2019 for this group, but found that figure to be inadequate (hate the torso). This final custom would be a complete rebuild using the 5-pack head-though the eyebrows looked weird as produced and needed to be redone.

The neck was thickened with aves sculpt to match the bulk of the rest of the body. The tee-shirt sculpting was whittled out by exacto knife for a looser look for this sailor. The choice of parts, particularly the lower arms, were all made with the sole purpose of getting more heft and toughness to the figure and character.

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