Head, web gear: Marauder MTF
Torso, arms: Retaliation Roadblock
Legs: 50th Gung-Ho

I was twelve years old and growing out of toys when the original Tiger Force sub team was released in 1988. I remember seeing the commercials for the toys on television at the time and thinking that it was very cool that they were bringing back original vehicles and figures from when I was actively playing with and collecting Joes. I'm an oddball, but I have always liked the yellow and black tiger pattern on the vehicles.

Since 2017, with Joe on hiatus, I have been updating all my customs to 50th standards of sculpting and articulation. Roadblock, in his original colors, was part of the list of characters that received upgrades. The Tiger Force version was on that list as well until now. I replicated my original parts recipe and simply applied the Tiger Force colors.

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