Entire Figure: Snake Eyes V10
Paints: Tamiya Sky Blue (Main body), Tamiya Flat Yellow (Bandages, sword), Tamiya Sky Grey (Webgear), Mr. Color Super Gold 2 (Boots), Mr. Metallic Color GX Metal Black (Visor, Foot Armor)

Had a loose V10 Snake Eyes, and a spare sword. Painted them like the Indian blue variant of Snake Eyes, which ditched the Vietnam War backstory, and instead made him a drug-busting Interpol agent who operated in Southeast Asia, and apparently became Secret Service later.

Painted the sword yellow as a reference to the Black Major V2 homage to this figure, which comes with all yellow versions of his original accessories. I never had the original pack this came from, so I don't have an extra sword backpack to spare.

As much as I know O-Rings are the way to go for pre-25th anniversary figures, I have a soft spot for the 2002 T-Crotch guys. And I have a few T-Crotch Snake Eyes figures, so I painted that one in that style.

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