Head: ROC Destro
Body: Marauder Agency Ops

The Committee is an urban legend in political centers, a story to scare younger members into toeing the party line or simply to play a practical joke. However, unbeknownst to most, the Basis for those stories is real. Little concrete information is known. The Committee works from the shadows. Members hold a multitude of different positions from judges to Wall Street tycoons and politicians. One thing is for certain; nobody refuses an order from them. They are rumoured to control several World leaders. Their ties to Cobra are unconfirmed but likely.

Agent Blue is the current Committee President. There exists no solid intel on him. It is rumoured that he is a high-ranking senator in the United States. He may also have distant ties to James McCullen, aka Destro.
Customs-wise, this is about as LBC as it gets. The Marauder Agency Ops bucks are pretty much perfect suited figures, so no modifications were necessary. A simple head swap and a new character is born.

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