Head: 50th Falcon
Everything else: Marauder MTF Agency Ops

Bucky, DanoftheDead, doe138 and I have wanted to put together a GI Joe Resurgence recap for a while now. Rather than just slap together some existing pictures in a montage, we decided to frame it within a story. That is where Agent Faireborn comes in. He was picked to be the outside observer that could help the Joes piece together all the events that happened during the previous chapters (Resurgence 1, 2, 3, Night Force, Adventure Team and Redemption). The story would serve to recap events, but also set up Resurgence 4.

The idea is that Flint left the team when it got disbanded a few years before our first Resurgence chapter. He got recruited into the CIA or NSA or a similar agency, then approached by the Shadow Committee.

The custom itself is a simple head swap. During the story, Flint wears a few different shirts depending on what time of day it is when he is conducting his investigation.

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