Upper body, upper arms: Renegades Scarlett
Head: Retaliation Lady Jaye
Legs, lower arms, crossbow: Resolute Scarlett
Bandolier: 25th Ripper
Backpack: Cast from Retaliation Zartan
Belt: POC Hawk
Grenades: ROC Helix (from back of belt)

Boots, gloves, vest: Testors Wood
Body Suit: Testors Grun RLM, finished with lots of Vallejo Matte Varnish
Bandolier and belt: Testors Leather
Hair: Army Painter Tanned Flesh with a hint of Vallejo Flat Red
Straps: Testors Dark Grey

This is my concept figure for a 30th Anniversary Scarlett, designed to fit with the Hasbro Pursuit of Cobra Snake Eyes and 30th Anniversary Stalker released in 2011. The driving concepts were to use more updated parts to somewhat modernize the figure, and also hark back to the original character design.

Most of the characters included in the first two 25th Anniversary 5-pack boxes had been reintroduced with updated figures with better molds in the period between 2011-2013. Duke and Roadblock technically weren't updated by Hasbro directly, but the parts were there--the updated figures were likely held back in later years due to delays in Joe movies after Retaliation.

For a few years, I felt that there weren't adequate existing parts for an updated Scarlett and complete the original ten 25th Anniversary figures. I had hopes that maybe for the 40th Anniversary (2022) that maybe they would repackage the ten figures in similar boxes but with the updated figures--and that such a project would allow budget for new tooling for Scarlett.

Given time, and Hasbro's likely move to 6 inch for future figures--as well as some suggestions from other people--I gave up on the idea of Hasbro doing the updated boxes and came up with a build that would fill in that gap.

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