Head. Pathfinder v1
Chest. Cutter v3
Arms. Leatherneck v2
Waist. Duke v3
Left thigh. Dusty v3
Right thigh. Dr Mindbender v2
Feet. Blizzard v1 (modified knee pads made smaller)

Backpack. Dusty v4
Rifle. Footloose v1

Code name. Hick-up
File name. Hiancki, Gabrial C
P.M.S. Desert Infantry
S.M.S. Electronics technician
Birthplace. Boston, Massachusetts
Grade. E-5 (Sergeant)
S.N. CGH-902-2129

The figure would of been on here sooner if i hadn't broken the knee joint & the foot too then trying to find the part for the hole new right leg was a pain nothing was right until i found Dr Mindbender right thigh after i pained the hole leg i noted that the leg was just a few inches longer so i just went with it. In the photos as you can see i have left the radio green i think it looks better.

The name Hick-Up has been around for the last 6 years i had this image of how it looked in my head but didn't have the parts until the beginning of this years. i would off done this custom on here sooner but had umbilical hernia repair so put him to the side until the last 3 weeks i only put the parts together put kept changing the heads from Pathfinder v2, Muskrat v1, Bazooka v3 Leatherneck v3 & Duke v4 but in the end i went with Pathfinder & i'm happy with it.

Three years into his GI Joe career none could think of a code name for him so everyone just called him Mr. Hiancki so on a night out with a few others everyone was talking about favorite films Mr. Hiancki said favorite film character is from aliens Corporal Dwayne Hicks & favorite animated film called Up everyone looked at him & all said Hick-Up your code name is he looked at everyone & said i love that.

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