Head: Storm Shadow (v2) 1988
Torso: Desert Scorpion (v1) 1991
Arms: Backblast (v1) - mod
Waist: Budo (v1) 1988
Legs: Budo (v1)

Backpack: Snake Eyes (v3) - mod
Katanas, knife, compound bow, arrows: Marauders Inc
Quiver: scratch build using medical tape

For this custom I used medical tape to make Storm Shadow's arm wraps. I cut a small piece of tape and stuck it to his arms. I painted the tape and shaded the tape to create some depth to them. On the left arm, I added a knife and sheath from Marauders Inc by dremeling a hole for the peg on the sheath and super glued it to the arm.

For the backpack I used a damaged Snake Eyes (v3) 1989 backpack as a basis. I dremeled big holes for the katana sheaths. I based the design on the original Storm Shadow (v1) 1984 backpack. I fitted and super glued the sheaths and plugged the holes with some (black) milliput. The katana sheaths can also be used to hold the Marauders Inc.'s compound bow. I used medical tape and some random string to create the quiver and superglued that to side of the backback.

I used Revell Aquacolor, Scale 75 and Citadel acrylic paints for the paintjob. I used Citadel washes (Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade) to create some shades, to create some contrast and realism to the white and grey areas. The shoulder pads are painted with Scale 75 "Black Metal" paint and shaded with Nuln Oil and then highlighted with Black Metal again.

The camo pattern was created using a small piece of sponge for the spots. I used a light grey Revell Aquacolor paint as a base, so it would be the same colour as his white hooded shirt. The boots are painted using one thin layer of Revell Aquacolor tar black paint and then shaded using Citadel Nuln Oil. Because the single layer of paint isn't fully opaque, the original brown colour of Budo's (v1) 1988 boots shine through, which creates a very interesting and realistic highlight to the boots. Painting "sloppy" like this is a neat and easy trick to create a beautiful effect to the custom!

I spray painted the custom backpack with Citadel Chaos Black primer and painted it with Revell Aquacolor to give it a uniform tar-black colour. I highlighted some details with Scale 75 Black Metal paint, but not too many in order to keep the focus of the backpack on the katana's and the quiver.

I sealed the paintjob by applying my own mixture of Revell Aquacolor transparent matt and glossy, to create a satin plastic like finish to the custom.

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