Head, torso, arms: Marvel Universe- Drax
Robot hand: 25A Mutt
Legs: ROC Destro
Belt: 25A Croc Master
Monitor Lizard: NS Sand Viper


Dr. X was Action Man's enemy for the mid 90's/00's Action Man line. There were many versions, all of which had a heavy dose of the movie Commando's Bennett character, with a little Ming The Merciless mixed in.


This custom uses Marvel and ROC parts to create Dr. X, based on the "Evil Safari" version (technically the X Missions Dr. X).

With so many versions of Dr. X to choose from, or to at least pull elements from, this custom went down many roads until I ended up with a few Drax figures. The bulking Drax torso/arms and the angry bald head were perfect starting points. Add on ROC Destro legs and the Evil Safari Dr. X look is so close. Slide in the Monitor lizard and you're there. That version of Dr. X also features an over-the-top wrestling title belt. The closest thing I could find was Croc Master's belt.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the Evil Safari version. I've recently used solid purple (spray paint) for two figures, and didn't want to use it again. Instead, I spray painted the legs a blue/red mixture and then coated that with a purple wash.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The eyepatch is sculpted. The useless mid-torso articulation point was glued shut and epoxied smooth. The shirt skirt, pockets, and center strip are tape sculpted. The pin holes on the arms and the thigh screw insets are epoxied smooth. The figure's left hand was removed and replaced with the Mutt gloved hand. The pocket buttons aren't sculpted, just implied with paint. I decided that shirt buttons on the center strip would look too busy, so I left them off.

About Snap:

On at least one website, the monitor lizard was listed as "Snap". I'm not sure if that's the official name, or if someone pulled it out of the air and it stuck. Either way, Snap is a fine name for a monitor lizard or Komodo dragon or whatever it's supposed to be. The Action Man toy featured a mechanical tails with spikes. The monitor lizard itself is enough; the mechanical tail is a hat on a hat. I kept the beautifully sculpted Sand Viper lizard in tact. A plum wash and some bright green markings edge it closer to the Action Man version. The bright green on the Action Man version look more like man-applied markings than natural patterning, so I tried to make it look that way by drawing the markings on with colored pencil.

Thanks for looking.

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