Head: ARAH '85 Bazooka
Chest/back, waist: ARAH '87 Law
Arms, lower legs: ARAH '84 Mutt
Upper legs: ARAH '87 Falcon
Dog: Chap Mei Dalmatian


I like the idea of Action Force, but dislike having characters appear as both Joes and Action Force characters. A few years ago I made a custom of Action Force Tripwire as "Blastwave", a new character filling the same slot. Going forward, that will be my approach for Action Force figures that were Joes in the US.

On the Forgotten Figure's website, I learned that the one version of European/Action Force Mutt had ginger hair and a different filename, making him arguably a different character than our American Mutt. Using this as a starting point, I renamed Mutt & Junkyard as Chew Toy & Table Scraps. Thanks to everyone at Joecustoms who talked me into switching the names around, too.


Using a Mutt head to paint the hair as a ginger might seem like a given. However, the ginger Mutt wasn't written to have the anger of the American Mutt, so I went with the mellower Bazooka head. The body is a mix of Mutt and Law parts to keep Chew Toy from being a head-to-toe repaint of Mutt. Had the Mutt pistol been on the figure's left thigh I would have kept it and painted it as a Taser. The upper legs are from Falcon so that Table Scraps wouldn't have a pistol AND a Taser on his dominant side.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the European Mutt figure.

About Table Scraps:

In addition to mixing in some non-Mutt parts on the figure, I intentionally didn't use a Junkyard for the dog. Plus, I've already repainted Junkyard several times for different customs. Instead, a beautifully sculpted Chap Mei Dalmatian steps in as Table Scraps, but painted in charcoal grey to match the European dog's color. In real life, the European Junkyards might just be brightly lit whenever I've seen them in photos, making them appear charcoal instead of black. Either way, going with charcoal distances Table Scraps from Junkyard.

Thanks for looking.

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