Head: DCIH- Superman
Torso: 25A Barbecue
Arms: NS Tunnel Rat
Legs: 25A Ace
Helmet: Keychain Action Pilot


As one of the few (just Sabretooth?) American Joe characters released only within the Tiger Force sub team, there was never a version showing Skystriker out of that particular uniform. This shows him in a different flight suit.

The uniform color is a callback Skystriker's ARAH helmet color. The helmet is a problem. As one of the "Fun 4 All" keychain figures with a modified helmet, it didn't look right even on its original figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

Some rubber band snippets were glued down inside of the shoulder socket to add tension.

The helmet's air mask stems and plug were cut off (the plug popped into a hole on the top of the keychain figure's head). The inside was filled with a liner of epoxy, pushed snug against the head to give it a better fit. Even so, it doesn't really look right on the figure's head, so it's more of a prop than a correctly fitting accessory.

Thanks for looking.

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