Head: General Zod? (Star Wars Geek Cast)
Neck: Retaliation Roadblock (cast)
Chest/back: NS Alpine
Arms: Star Wars- Han Solo (unfrozen)
Waist, legs: DCIH- The Question
Dog: Jonny Quest- Bandit


Dr. Benton Quest was the father of Jonny Quest in the original Jonny Quest cartoon and the revamped The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest cartoon. Here, I've taken the characters, aged them to when Jonny, Hadji, and Jessie would be young adults, and imported them into a GI Joe continuity. Dr. Quest looks about the same, but with a farther back hairline, making the General Zod head perfect. It's a Star Wars Geek cast head, I believe it's shrunk down to 1:18 scale from a General Zod head, but I'm not sure. It might just look like a late 70's Terrance Stamp for no reason.

Of all of the Johnny Quest characters, Dr. Quest is easily the most bland. I rolled with it, not even adding his often worn lab coat. He's the visually tepid character that the others contrast with.

Colors & Paints:

Blue shirt with brown pants. The parts used here for the body are exceptionally bland. But I added as many paint details as possible, including the shirt buttons and soles of the shoes. For the hair, it transitions from red on top to orange at the bottom of the beard, with some grey at the temples and chin.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast by Star Wars Geek. The neck is cast by me. The shoulder sockets were reworked for the arms. The midriff area and the sleeve rolls are epoxy sculpted.

About Bandit:

Jumping the characters ahead in years means that poor Bandit would have gone to Canine Heaven. But let's just imagine Dr. Quest used his science skills to keep everyone's favorite English Bulldog around. This is one of Galoob's Bandit figures from its Jonny Quest toy line (there were at least two, and this is the least cartoony). I considered repainting it to make the black around the eyes look more like fur as it blended into the rest of the white fur. But ultimately, the figure was just fine as it was.

Thanks for looking.

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