Head: Star Wars- Rey (starwarsgeekcast) w POC Stalker dreadlocks
Neck: thumb click from pen
Chest/back, arms (to gloves), skirt: Star Wars- Padme (Tatooine outfit)
Shoulder armor: push mold of ARAH Zarana arms
Hands, boots: Jonny Quest- Jonny Quest
Waist, legs (to boots): Indiana Jones- Russian Solider
Weapon: Marauder, Inc.


This figure started as a Ninja Force Scarlett, which would have had her in a gi instead of a swimsuit over a wetsuit. Then I shifted it to being Scarlett in a cold weather uniform. But something about the Rey head felt more like Zanya, so I added on the Stalker dreadlocks and some pouches to take it in a different direction.

So now we have Zarana in a cold weather uniform. The normal selling point of Zanya is that she's a buff bad girl in a belly shirt, usually with other elements like fishnet this or leather that. In a cold weather outfit, though, it just focuses on the fact that she's a tough little biscuit, ready to rumble in the cold. As a nod to the Dreadnoks set, I added shoulder armor. But otherwise the uniform itself doesn't have many callbacks to other outfits.

Like many of my customs, Zanya has limited articulation. The arms only have front/back swinging movement. The bagginess of the arms is important to the design.

Colors & Paint:

The green hair had to stay (making up for a previous Zanya custom where I used black hair w a few green stripes). I stuck close to Zanya's normal uniform colors and applied them to winter gear.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast by starwarsgeek, and I glued the Stalker dreadlocks to it. The neck is a thumb click portion of a pen, glued into place. The shoulder armor are push molds. The hands and boots were chopped off and replaced with Jonny Quest parts. The midriff area is epoxy sculpted to fill a gap.

Thanks for looking.

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