Head: Major Barrage
Body: Marauder WW2 Marine blank
Lower legs: Retaliation Joe Colton
Holster rig: General Abernathy v6
Holster: Marauder
Pistol: Mega Construx Call of Duty
Necklace: stretchy necklace and toyhax sticker

Adventure Team's Land Adventurer thought that it was a great time to take the AT Jeep for a drive down to the river and get some flight time in on the AT hang glider. While checking things out he noticed Adventure Guy signaling him down on the ground.

When he landed, he saw what the problem was. Poachers had set an illegal spring jaw leghold trap along the rivers edge. A white tiger cub had walked right into it. Making matters even more tense, the cub was small enough that a larger, angrier mother tiger would surely be nearby. Adventure Guy tried to distract the cub and keep an eye out anything that may come at them from the jungle, while the Land Adventurer used a crow bar to pry the trap open.

With the first aid kit in the AT Jeep, they were able to provide triage until they made it back to base camp. They were able to radio ahead and get the AT vet and doc ready for the incoming emergency patient.

Adventure Guy mission briefing:
"...Once L.A. landed, he was cool, calm, and collected as usual. I was the one shaking. We saved the tiger. They had to put metal plates in his leg since the bones were crushed and staple it all shut. I'm happy to report that he is up running around at this point. Doc slipped a tracker in him, so we'll be able to monitor him once we release him back into wild.
We've also been given the greenlight from up the chain, to take down this poaching operation. "

Next up, Hunting the Hunters!

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