Head-recast BBI sculpted on stache etc.
Torso, Arms-Sgt Stone (sculpted top portion of thermal).
Lower Arms-pick your multiple releases, let's just narrow down to DG Shipwreck
Upper Legs-25th Gen Hawk (sculpted belt, pouches from random figure)
Lower Legs-Don't remember but sculpted on the upper boot details.
Ghille Suit-BBI figue but added extra foleage to the hat piece so it came down over the shoulders as well as in the front so it covered more of the chest.

Ambush-I've been slowly moving out of the mid-80s era of Joes and getting into the later years. Unfortunately many of these characters were not particularly well serviced in the DIC(k) series which had no concept of character development-altough Ambush did have one episode that was very Sunbow character driven. Despite not receiving a ton of attention in the comics either I always though Ambush was interesting. I wanted to get that basic look the character had but also give him some updated moden stuff-such as he ghillie suit.

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