Head-Star Wars StormTrooper set-head thinned out and heavily modded.
Torso, Arms, Upper, Lower legs-25th Snow Serpent. Torso had sculpted on neck piece as well as new straight front flap. Kneepads sculpted to resember original figure
Lower Arms-Artic Snake Eyes-sculpted on compass on left arm
Hands-Don't remember.
Helmet-Steel Brigade-modded by cutting away sides.
Goggles-Snow Serpent
Harness-Snow Serpent
Uzi-Snake Eyes-sculpted on coverings
Holster-BBI figure I've had for years.
Handgun-Random Joe sculpted on coverings

I have been wanting to make this figure for a very LONG time. Back during the JvsC era I had a few ideas to start tackling him but that happened around the time the line transitioned to the 25th style. I had been working on Blizzard for several years and happy to finally be able to finish and display him for the All Star Event.
For Blizzard I wanted a pretty faithful recreation as well as a tough guy look under the mask. Speaking of the mask I loked at several modern day artic troopers masks and found one that resembled the look I wanted. I then went about modding a Steel Brigade helmet to get the look I wanted. I modded his torso as the crooked flap down the center of the Snow Serpetn torso has always bugged me. After that I wanted to go about recreating the figure as close to the original as I could and based on the pre-production artwork I've seen of this character. Once again Blizzard didn't get much exposure being a later 80s figure and from what I remember was ignored in the DIC(k) cartoons and comics.

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