Head-Avacs lab cast I think it comes from a BBI pack of soldiers
Arms/Torso/Upper Legs-25th General Hawk
Lower Legs-25th Duke
Helmet-o-ring style comic pack General Hawk from mid 2000s
Hands-Marauder Gun Runners

General Hawk-
It took me a long time to find a Hawk head sculpt that I liked. They either looked too young, too old, or just off. I was trying to find a sculpt that captured the "youthfulness" of Hawk in the comic as well as the seasoned veteran of the Sunbow series-let's not even talk about the Dic insult.
Much of this figure is leftover from my previous versions. This go around though I changed out his lower boots and sculpted on some extra girth to the sides. I gave him some Marauder hands as he needed something with some poseability. Lastly he got a a great head cast from Coby at Avac's Lab .

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