Head: NS Red Spot
Chest/back: Star Wars- Anakin Skywalker
Arms, hands: NS Barrel Roll
Skirt: NS Cobra Commander
Techno kibble on skirt: Push mold from ARAH Breaker backpack
Waist: NS Slice
Legs: NS Kamakura


One of the unproduced Palitoy characters, Fixer would have been in the Special Weapons team.


A mix of Star Wars and New Sculpt parts to very loosely mimic the design of the prototype. Several of the Special Weapons Force figures would have been head-to-toe repaints of each other, distinguished only by the colors. To give the designs them a bit more breathing room, Fixer is presented without a helmet. Fixer, Lighting, and Sniper will use different body parts from each other as well.

Colors & Paints:

Influenced by the two prototypes, with the colors repositioned to fit the flow of the figure parts.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The elbow pins, as well as the thigh screw insets and the center of the back, are epoxied smooth. The shoulder pins were epoxy smoothed, but the pieces would pop out whenever the arms were moved laterally. The collar is sculpted.

The holster on the skirt was cut off and replaced with the techno kibble, which is a push mold of part of the ARAH Breaker backpack.

Thanks for looking.

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