Head: Gyre-Viper by Nick and Tim
Body: 25th Red Ninja
Upper arms: 25th Crimson Guard
Lower Arms: Indiana Jones Temple Guard
Goggles: Hypnoshield
JoeDeclassified dog tag flashdrive: JvC Flint silver knife

All-Terrain Electric Chair
MegaConstrux 06813 Drone Attack treads and body
LEGOs for details
Coastal Defender chair and controls
Force Awakens Build-a-Weapon cannons
Barbecue backpack, metal tube, carbon rod, Chap Mei chain link for antennae

The Mole is the independently wealthy leader of Storm Force. He spends most of his time in their underground base, collecting, monitoring, and dispensing information for the team. He wears special goggles whenever the missions call for him to mobilize with the team using his all-terrain electric wheelchair.

Storm Force is the comic that the creative team behind Action Force created after the UK started reprinting GI Joe under the Action Force label. As soon as I saw the character profildes for the first time I had to make that chair.

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