Head-A BBI figure that looked like Tom Cruise that I got back in the early 2000s. it was going to be a part of a Joe Vs Cobra Blowtorch custom that I never finished.
Figure-Renegades Airtight
Chest Plate-Rise of Cobra Flash
Helmet-Don't remember but it's been with a bunch of figures.

BattleForce 2000. I feel like you either fall into the camp of "loved it" or "hated it". I rarely here fans say "it was alright". I fell into the camp of "loved it" thought it was a great concept but not executed all that well. As a kid I picked and chose the vehicles as some of them were truly cheap, poorly planned, and horrible looking. I did like what Hama did with them in one of my favorite comics (issue their introduction). From what I remember they were a bunch of expert technicians and soldiers field-testing the weapons of the future...that's pretty damn cool. You could see these guys being the only Joes to have access to Area 51 and Black Book projects. That is what I went for when I started thinking about redesigning these back in 2011. The personal challenge of updating the team also included doing it with parts I had readily available and would include very minor sculpting (if any). I wanted to make a series of figures that any customizer could make if they simply had the parts handy. I had hoped that Hasbro or the Collector's Club would take note at how easy these characters could be made with a little effort. I had continued to tweak them all the way up until Jeffrey "Icecreamman" Valeriano asked me to join the All Star Event. This gave me the final push to finish them up. I wanted to go with the idea that they were that Special Ops type team as opposed to "Future Force".

I feel that if you're going to name a character "Maverick" and you're a kid of the 80's the character has to resemble Tom Cruise. Instead of giving him the black hair Cruise had in Maverick I did want to set this character apart since he isn't supposed to be Tom Mitchell, therefore I gave him lighter brown hair to bring it more in line with the original action figure. Once again I got rid of the sharp silver spike stuff that some of these figure had and decided to smooth it out and bring it more in line with modern day looks. The fact that many of the Pursuit of Cobra/Rise of Cobra style figures had a little bit science fiction feel to them allowed for a lot to be done with little sculpting or modding required. That's the case with Maverick here.

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