Head - Figure Subscription Service Grunt
Hands - Figure Subscription Service Black Spider Rendezvous
Torso, arms, legs - SDCC 2015 Steeler

Helmet - Either ROC Cobra 5-pack Duke or POC Night Fox
Vest - POC/50th Hawk
Radio - Unknown to me at this time
Belt, pistol, rifle - SDCC 2015 Steeler (though all were available with other figures)
Uzi - Various modern era figures

Steeler became another favorite of mine after I watched two episodes of the 80's cartoon for the first time back around 2005/06, courtesy of a Kid Rhino VHS lingering on the shelves of a local Rite Aid. (The episodes in question were parts 1 and 2 of "Worlds Without End".)

After getting the body (with its original hands and belt) in a trade as part of a small pile, I at first wanted to try putting the figure back together, but searching for the parts proved to be discouraging after not seeing anything available. Ultimately I opted to customize it into my own take on Steeler. Finding both the Grunt head and Black Spider Rendezvous body on eBay was a big plus, and the rest fell into place. I chose the head because it reminded me of the packaging art for the 2004 comic pack Steeler came in, and the hands were more to link him to his cartoon appearance. I might change out the legs at some point, but for now it'll be fine as-is.

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