Head: Star Trek the Motion Picture- Decker
Chest/back: '82 Steeler
Arms: '86 Lifeline
Waist: '84 Thunder
Upper legs: '82 Rock 'n Roll
Lower legs: '84 Cutter

Overal Set Design:

1997 was the year Kenner/Hasbro plopped out the "Stars and Stripes Forever" set. It featured ARAH-parted versions of most of the OG13. Some featured the original pieces, others were hobbled together out of completely different (and usually horrible) parts. The spectrum ranged from amazing (Stalker) to what-the-what?! (Breaker).

Five of the OG13 were excluded. Those five were Clutch, Flash, Grand Slam, Hawk, and Steeler. Shortly after the Stars and Stripes Forever set, Hawk did get a repaint. But it was of the '86 Hawk figure, and didn't visually reference the original '82 look in any way.


The Decker head gives Steeler a unique un-shared head, and the Cutter lower legs alters the uniform's appearance even more from the other OG13 Joes.

My parameters on this project were to used Joe-only parts, and ones that weren't any newer than 1986, as to follow Hasbro's approach to making the original Stars & Stripes Forever set. Here, I'm violating that by using the Mego Decker head. However, it head works so well that I don't care.

Colors & Paints:

The five o'clock shadow is taken from Steeler's appearance in the early Marvel run. The uniform is a desert color set. The green for the webgear is a callback to the uniform color of the '82 figure. The yellow on the arms is also a callback to the original figure's gold arm stripes.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast. The shoulder/elbow rivets and thigh screw insets are epoxied smooth.

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