Head - Rip Cord
Arms - Snake Eyes v3
Torso - Cutter
Waist, legs - Dial-Tone

Goggles, battle rifle - Marauder Inc.

File Name: Jones, Albert R.
Birthplace: Liverpool, ENG, UK
Service Branch: Royal Navy
Rank (Grade): Cpl (E-4)
Primary MOS: Marine Commando
Secondary MOS: Armourer, Special Operations

The son of a Liverpool dockworker, Stake-Out had a rough childhood and fell in with some very unsavoury types in his youth. Finally given the choice between military service and gaol, he joined the Royal Marines and blossomed under the order and structure of military training. He was a model sailor, became a Royal Marines Commando and was keen to volunteer for any further training he could have. He applied to the Special Boat Service, sister unit to the army's SAS, and flew through the training.

"The SBS has similar operational capabilities to the SAS - they undertake Surveillance Reconnaissance (SR), Offensive Action (OA), Support and Influence (SI) and Counter-Terrorism (CT) tasks. The selection process is identical. But as a naval special operations unit, the SBS also has additional training to operate in martime, riverine and amphibious situations. Stake-Out excels at all of it, and can always be counted on to follow his orders and accomplish his objectives."

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