Head - Muskrat (modified)
Arms, torso, waist - Dial-Tone
Legs - Frostbite v3

Assault rifle - Marauder Inc.

File Name: Davies, Rhys I.
Birthplace: Carmarthen, WAL, UK
Service Branch: British Army
Rank (Grade): Sgt (E-5)
Primary MOS: Surveillance and Target Acquisition Patrol
Secondary MOS: Gunner

The Royal Artillery's Special Observers work in small groups, well ahead of the main force (often in enemy territory) to provide detailed reconnaissance and acquire targets for artillery, attack aircraft or missile strikes. They work covertly, and are always at risk of enemy action against them. With training in combat medicine, navigation, communication, combat patrols and SERE (Survive, Escape, Resist and Extract), they are well-qualified to operate in enemy territory with little to no support.

"Drop-Shot was once on an exercise with other newly-qualified Special Observers. The Lieutenant explained that they had to remain concealed for two days, but had to remain within 500 metres of the camp. They were given a one-minute head start, and then the Lieutenant sent out his recon team to find them. Everyone but Drop-Shot was found within two hours; he was still out there at the end of the first day. The second day, a small team of SAS was sent out to aid in the search effort, but he still wasn't found. When he waltzed into camp the next morning, the Lieutenant tore a strip out of him, screaming that he must have violated the terms of the exercise, getting as far away as possible in order to avoid detection. In response, Drop-Shot respectfully recited exactly what the Lieutenant had had for dinner the past two days (kippers with a Scotch egg for afters, both days), and handed the officer the jar of Marmite that had vanished from the mess the previous morning."

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