Head - Mortal Kombat Sonya Blade (modified)
Torso - Lady Jaye
Arms - Duke v22
Waist - Sgt. Bazooka v2
Legs - Snake-Eyes v18

Carbine - Bombstrike

This is Sparta. She's part of a 3-pack of Brazilian special operations figures, following on the Canadian, French, and British teams produced already. Based on an existing character (a Brazilian version of Cover Girl), she's an expert in undercover counterintelligence operations, serving with the 1st Special Forces Battalion of the Brazilian Army. The previous sets focused more on realistic outfitting for the figures, but this can result in repetition so this trio is more unique.

File Name: Cortez, Brigid
Birthplace: Sao Paulo, BRA
Service Branch: Army
Grade: Segundo-Sargento (E-6 equivalent)
Primary MOS: Counterintelligence
Secondary MOS: Small Arms Armourer

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