Head - Storm Shadow
Arms - Hit & Run
Torso, upper legs - Rip Cord
Waist, lower legs - Sgt. Slaughter v2 (waist modified)

Assault rifle - Marauder Inc.
Backpack - Wild Bill v2
Knife - unknown

File Name: Sansom, Franklin K.
Birthplace: Salt Lake City, UT
Service Branch: Army
Rank (Grade): SGT (E-5)
Primary MOS: Infantryman (Long-Range Surveillance)
Secondary MOS: Animal Care Specialist

Hound spent at least three-quarters of his childhood deep in the woods, alone with the trees and the animals. He spent his days learning to follow trails and tracks that most people wouldn't see with a magnifying glass. All of his friends had four legs or wings. He's uncomfortable in civilization, no matter how rural it might be. He prefers a roll in the dirt to a shower, and roots and berries beat haute cuisine any day. Like most animals, he prefers stealth to direct action, but if he gets cornered he'll fight with everything he's got.

Training: Infantry School, Airborne School, Ranger School, Combat Tracking School, Recondo School, Long-Range Surveillance Leaders Course.

"Hound loves the wilderness, he gets real antsy any time he has to be on base. Some of the guys think he'd really rather be an animal of some kind, maybe a wolf or a wolfhound. He likes animals more than people, though he can track either of them equally well. Nothing escapes his notice. He has incredible night vision, and seems to be able to track without any visual signs whatsoever. They say he uses his nose as much as his eyes, and they call him the Sniffer when he pulls off something like that. It's kind of spooky."

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