Head. Long-Range v1
Chest. Bronze Bomber (No Flak)
Arms. Pathfinder v1
Waist. Tollbooth v1
Thighs. Shockwave v1
Feet. Dial-Tone v1

Baseball cap. Marauder task force
Bambara. Marauder task force
Backpack. Dusty v4
Rifle. off eBay can't remembers who's

Code name. Geek
File name. Sandborough, Kurt E
P.M.S. Desert Infantry
S.M.S. Special services (Entomology teacher)
Birthplace. Cranston, Providence
Grade. (Corporal)
S.M. SEK-916-1191

When growing up Geek had three loves hearing old war stories from veteran who fought in WW2, Korean war & Vietnam war, Bugs as in creepy crawlies he would watch this things for hours, learn how they move, live & how they behave, the 3rd is he love to learn foreign languages.

At the ages of 17/19 he has an associates certificate entomologist (ACE) a few years later he got a PH.D in entomologist while that was going on he had learned 7 languages Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese & German he keeps this to him self.

When the other Joes ask why are you here in the Joe he would reply "General Hawk has his reasons"

General Hawk files.
It never hurts having entomologist around & knows how to kick ass too, plus i know he can speak 7 languages that help too.

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