Head - 1997 Bronze Bombers Short Burst
Body - 1994 Street Fighter movie 'Paratrooper' Guile

Helmet/air mask - 1994 Street Fighter movie 'Paratrooper' Guile
Flare gun - 2002 Sound Attack 8-Pack Wet-Suit

By random happenstance, I had both the Paratrooper Guile and a Bronze Bomber head in my parts box. I went about trying to figure out who he'd be, and then decided to make him an "ARAH"-style version of the freebie figure from the 2016 convention, though with a different color scheme. (I'll still need to do something paint-wise about the teeth.) I gave him a flare gun since I figured, if he ever ejected from his plane, he'd probably need to signal for help. If he needed a weapon in a pinch, it could also work. I decided to make him the pilot for the 1992 Storm Eagle since it didn't come with a pilot and looked just like something I could see him in.

(Bio text from the 2016 figure's filecard.)

File Name: Thomas, Benjamin R.
SN: 221-9198-BD84
Grade: O-4
Birthplace: Annapolis, Maryland
Primary Specialty: Flight Test Officer
Secondary Specialty: Operations Research Analyst
Motto: "It's time to step up and soar."

AIR RAID got his "wings" from the Officer Training School program at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. He continued with Advanced Flight Training School to carry out tests and evaluations of experimental aircraft and aerospace weapon systems. His highly adaptive piloting skills made him perfectly suited for the G.I. JOE team's bleeding edge, top secret, and often, unorthodox fleet of aircraft. AIR RAID is an aviator with excellent analytical skills. He knows the risks of flying experimental aircraft and is no stranger to using the emergency ejection seat if anything goes wrong.

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