Head: '85 Airtight
Torso: '85 Airtight
Arms: '89 Wild Boar
Waist: '85 Airtight
Legs: 'Airtight

While I've always liked Airtight as a figure and a character, I've long wanted to do a repaint of his original version, but had never gotten around to it. A few years ago, I took my '85 assortment of figures to the Rockies for vacation, and accidently broke the thumb off my Airtight figure while taking pics on a pile of rocks. The Airtight I had set aside for a custom repaint took its place, and I ended up finding a new set of arms for the planned custom. The Wild Boar arms seemed to mesh pretty well.

Aside from the arms I switched up some accessories as well. I modified a spare Lightfoot drone and gave him a different backpack.

This particular figure has been added to my '88 assortment of figures as the foil to that same year's very cool looking Toxo-Viper.

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