TRU military line helmet
Data Viper

Captain Impermeable is a Remco US Forces figure, released around 86-87.
One of my last minute additions to the project, Captain Impermeable (what a name) came about only because I stumbled upon the headgear in a fodder box. I looked at it for a bit, and realized it would make a great update. a couple coats of spraypaint later, and the Captain was born.

American Defense was a line of 3 3/4'' military toys sold exclusively at Kmart in the eighties. The line started with Galoob's A-Team molds and Remco grew it from there. It was later produced by different companies and ended up in dollar stores and discount outlets. Similar to GI Joe, it included a wide variety of colorful characters. However, without a cartoon, comic or any marketing to back it up, the line rode GI Joe's coattails for a while and then disappeared.

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