Head: NS Electric Eel
Body to gloves/knees: 25A Baroness in dive suit
Gloves: Star Wars- ???
Lower legs: 25A Scarlett
Boots: 25A Terra Viper w NS Alley Viper feet
Backpack: ROC Snow Job w/kibble
Sprayer: Star Wars- ??? w/kibble


Why can't I stop? I've pulled the Centurions, Tony Stark, Eagle Force/RIOT, MASK/VENOM, and Jonny Quest into my Joe customs. While I can't say I have a "universe" for them, the edges get shaved to fit into the world of GI Joe. So it looks like the Dr. Scarab's Evil Minions of Destruction are joining the party, too.

Madame-O was a character in LJN's Bionic Six toyline/DiC cartoon. That toyline featured a story about alien technology and bionics being a major part of the Bennet family's transformation into superheroes. For the moment, I'm not touching the Bennets, but I am dragging the EMoD into the mix.

First up is Madame-O, imagined as a sadistic chemical weapons trooper.

"Dr. Scarab's Evil Minions of Destruction" are now just Dr. Mindbender's lab team, the Minions of Destruction. Chopper and Mechanic will probably be imported as Dreadnoks, where they thematically fit better.


The exposed hair is probably not a good move for a chemical weapons type, so I'm thinking of this as a wig put on top of her form-fitting chemical suit. A vein attempt to look feminine and savage at the same time.

The 25A Scarlett/Scuba Baroness body is just too identifiable to have left alone. To break up the silhouette, I replaced the hands with clunky and oversized Cobra CLAWS gloves and the Scarlett boots with the equally clunky and oversized Volcano Viper/Alley Viper parts.

The LJN figure featured a V framed canister backpack. Without any good 25A style matches in my parts bins, I used a blocky 25A Snow Job backpack, but glued some cylinder-shaped kibble to it.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the LJN figure and cartoon appearances. The pastel color originally used to denote skin the LJN figure is kept here, but not necessarily for skin. I used it for the skin around the eyes, so you can interpret is the skin color OR as the color as seen through the visor Madame-O is wearing. The hands, ungloved on the LJN figure, are now fully covered, adding to the intentional ambiguity.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head was adapted to fit on a post and to have the hair on top. The gloves were chopped off a Star Wars figure and drilled out to fit on the forearm posts. The Scarlett boots were removed and replaced with boots that where made from combining Terra Viper upper boots with NS Alley Viper feet.

The backpack is a 25A Snow Job one with electronics parts glued to it. The chemical sprayer is a Star Wars weapon with the angled nozzle part glued to the front.

Thanks for looking.

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