Head. Muskrat v1
Chest. Dusty v1
Arms. Repeater v1
Waist. Tollbooth v1
Lift thigh. Dusty v3
Right thigh. Dusty v1
Feet. Dusty v1

Vest. Gung-Ho v13
Machine gun. World peacekeepers

Code name, Deuce
File name. Vanderway, Kyle A
P.M.S. Desert Infantry
S.M.S. Heavy machine gunner
Birthplace. Mammoth Lakes, California
Grade. E-4 (Corporal)
S.N. VKA-962-2961

When growing up Deuce loved watching tennis and was a fan of Andre Agassi he was inspired to play it as it turns out his parents are sports teachers/ coach's for two secondary schools in Mammoth Lakes they both encouraged him to do this as it turns out Deuce is really good.

In his early teens Deuce has become amateur tennis star and was making a name for him self former tennis stars have all said the same thing he can be a major star in his 20s.

In his late teens he was just about to breakthrough to become a full-blown professional tennis star but was having trouble sleeping and with his wrist so he went to see his doctor about his wrist and why he can't sleep the doctor said it could be the stress of playing tennis plus trying to make a name for him self so take so me time off.

After a year off from playing tennis at this time he had lost interest in playing all together and joined the army he was enjoying it even more then tennis and was able to get a fall night sleep.

After 8 years in service and in 4 warzones Afghanistan, Iraq, and two countries I've made up in my GI Joe universe Gavhanstan size of Argentina with a coastline and Zimgafanstan size of Saudi Arabia with a coastline.

While in Zimgafanstan Deuce got separated from his unit moving building to building cover to cover did this for an hour until he could hear gunfire 26 minutes later gunfire just over this damage wall as Deuce looked around the wall carefully observes with out being seen.

What he see is a destroyed V.A.M.P mk2 three soldiers taken cover be hide a wall or in a fox hole then able to hear over the noise over the gunfire a vehicle comes from the other way so he jumped be hide some rubble Once it looked clear he slowly walked up to the driver who was out of the jeep having a pee so deuce waited for him to finish so he could some dignity before he cut his throat then walked toward the building as the driver's passenger just walked out sew him Deuce then threw the knife at him in the neck. stepping over the dead guy then walking up the stairs to come cross three gunman took off his backpack the pulled 3 grenades out then rolled them over to them then took cover BOOM!

Outside be hide the wall after the BOOM everyone poked they heads over the wall or foxhole someone shouted This Dusty of GI Joe who's that vice from inside the building replied US Army I'm coming out Dusty turned to Spearhead and said call for a EVAC.

As Deuce walked out of the building and meet him, Ambush & Spearhead Deuce told Dusty what happened to him that he got separated from his unit Dusty said "thanks for the save" Spearhead walked over and said "we have a ride in 15 minutes".

Deuce & Dusty still talking as Lift-Ticket show up 15 minutes later Lift-Ticket shout "this is going to be close as Cobra are 5 minutes out plus Ace & his guys are just about to do a bombing run secondly who's this"

Dusty "This is Deuce he save our lives I'm going to ask Hawk to give him a spot in the team.

the rest is history

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