Head. Airborne v2
Chest. Snake eyes v4
Arms. Cross-Country
Waist. Airborne v2
Legs. Airborne v2

Helmet. Duke v8
Rifle. unknown
Backpack. Dusty4

Code name. Chase
File name. Chase, Ryan D
P.M.S. Urban assault
S.M.S. hand to hand combat specialist
Birthplace. Bronx, New York City
Grade. 0-2 (1st class Lieutenant)
S.N. DRC-91-8808

In the lower levels of a street gang mostly a runner like for guns, drugs, messages & other gang members around he's been doing this over 3 years & wanted out but didn't have the guts for it.

His brother a Marine don't know he is in a street gang & when he came home from leave he would train him in hand to hand combat Then 5 years still in the street gang his brother found out by a old friend Chase & his brother both got in to a heated argument chase said he would leave the gang if he was killed in action & he's hoping that would never happen" his brother walked off. 6 months later his brother was KIA that gave him the push he wanted to get out of this two days later he walks up to gang leader & says he wanted out the gang leader said you can if you can beat me in a knife fight & everyone who has tried to beat me have ended up dead. Unknown to everyone Chase was a hand to hand combat specialist more in knifes because of his brother the knife fight lasted for 50 minutes & chase came out on top & let the leader live & taken his life wouldn't achieve anything a week after that he joined the armed force.

Toombs, Twitch & Booth found him in a fight a few years later against 4 cobra vipers he came out on top & these 3 guys are very impressed plus caught this on a camera phone also showed it to General Hawk was impressed gave him a spot on the team.

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