All parts and accessories - Binoculars Robot Scopeman (manufacturer unknown, knockoff of Takara original)

Takara's Micro Change line was one of the main sources for early Transformers toys. Not every Micro Change toy crossed the ocean to become a Transformer though. MC-19 Binocular Robo Scope Man is one of the exceptions; although a US patent was filed for this toy at the same time as patents for Perceptor and Blaster, it never saw release as a Transformer. It did see release in North America by at least one manufacturer - I know because I had one as a kid.

This results in a two-part custom project - first to customize a Robo Scope Man toy to what it may have been like as a Transformer (including character profile and tech specs), and second to do a modern version of this character. This classic version involved adding some extra stickers (which strangely came with the figure, but the instructions did not say to use them) and Decepticon insignia, repainting the face since the original paint job was crap, and of course coming up with the character name and profile.

Tech Specs:


"I spy with my little eye, something that is...doomed!"

Endlessly patient, PARALLAX will sit watching his target for days or months if needed. Has sensitive Infrared scanners and X-ray sensors that let him see almost everything around him. Uses a solar-beam ion ray powered by an internal light plasma system. Sometimes misses the trees for the forest - so focused on seeing things far away he misses what's right next to him.

Strength 6, Intelligence 7, Speed 2, Endurance 8, Rank 5, Courage 7, Firepower 7, Skill 7

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