dr. death
b-n-b head
ij torso
potc arms and jacket
generic swat team? hands
sandman waist and upper legs
sw boots
hat is off a small rubber figure highly modified

head is cut from a wow? staff
base figure is avatar
b-n-b hands
bf feet
mib3 boris jacket

hollowed halloween statue jackolantern

custom painted and weathered backdrop

Somewhere along a dusty highway just outside springfield a dark force has been invoked. A spirit of revenge has breathed life into the lifeless. Will all the victims be the intended or will the adventure team stop this spooktacular horror show?

A dark dystopia in my bloodline timeline this is a world full of gangsters, G men, dictators, and the occult. A world where the adventure team has yet to become GI Joe, but they are fighting the same evil.

As soon as I saw this movie I knew I had to make dr death! I tried to get him as close as possible with the parts on hand. I did rob a few pieces to finish the zombie.

Big thanks to DanOfTheDead for helping me with the logos!

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