Head: Colonel Courage '93 (modified with custom made infra red goggles)
Torso: Shockwave '88
Arms: Cutter '93
Waist: Hardball '88
Legs: Hardball '88

Grenade launcher: Leatherneck '93 (modified, + Stretcher '90 flare gun ammo clip)
Backpack: Wet-Suit '86 (modified with Hardball '88 backpack grenades + Crimson Shadow Guard '05 backpack sleeping bag)

This has been a WIP for at least six years now, but it was time to finish it. Started with the strange gun from Leatherneck V3, but I knew I wanted to turn it into some kind of modern grenade launcher, like a next gen version from the one from Gung-Ho. That turned out to become my favorite part of this custom, just as the modified Colonel Courage head.

Thumper loved shooting with his slingshot as a kid. When he got a little older he made a catapult, ballista, trebuchet and a mangonel in his backyard, hurling rocks at cars on a junkyard next door. In high school he met Wilmer Duggleby (now Hardball) and they became good friends. Where Hardball was a talented baseball player, Thumper unconsciously trained his distance judgement in the school's track & field team. He was especially good at the throwing parts: javelin throw, shot put and discus throw. After graduating they lost sight of each other. Thumper went to university, succesfully studied physics there but joined the army to make a living of his childhood hobby: where else do you have the ability launching explosives into air and blow up stuff? It also got him in touch with Hardball again, who already was a Joe at that time. Hardball recommended Thumper to general Hawk and after some intense training courses Thumper was recruited to the Joe team as well, to great joy of Hardball. They now spend a lot of training time together and there's a friendly rivalry going on between these two. But enemies beware, if these two can get in range of your position with their grenade launchers, you're sitting ducks!

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