Head: Galactic Adventures Dagobah Dragonsnake
Torso, upper arms, and thighs: Spiderman Lizard
Arms, hands, waist, lower legs and feet: BFS Customizing Kit
Armor: BFS skirt, metallic mesh fabric
Monty long sword: LOtR Ghost soldier and eagle claw
Dragon Slayer sword: Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog hilt with BFS sword blade
Wrist crossbow: Road Pig crossbow with brick arms bow
Dagger: Pirates of the Caribbean Cannibal
Sheaths and necklace: BFS custom kits
Duluth pack: faux leather
Hammer: Lego
Rope: twine
Trap and chain: Retaliation Kwinn and Lego Bionicle
Go-Go Stabby Spear: BFS, coffee stirrer straw, wood rod
Invisiblity potion: Loyal Subjects Frodo
Excaliber of shovels: Indiana Jones Cemetary Warrior
Hew Battle Axe: Styrene blade with carved Fortnite handle

Hermie grew up in the swamps along the Sword Coast as a hermaphrodite hermit hunter. They traded with the local Wood Elves and heard their stories. The closest thing they had to a friend was an Ogre who lived in the swamp until he left on his own adventure and came back with a donkey and family.

After one too many Paladins came trying to make a name for themselves by taking out the closest thing they could find to a dragon, Hermie decided it was time to leave the confines of the swamp to strike out in their own adventure.

He was able to make a decent living hunting and trapping near Phandalin, getting familiar with the locals. So when he came into town one day and saw some strangers at the town job board, he approached with child-like curiosity.

Since their meeting, they have gone on many adventures together, risking life and limb. Hermie has shown their strength and skill in many skirmishes, but also their reckless abandon and lack of people skills.

Hermie is my pandemic D&D character. Not having played since I was 8, I wanted to be the easiest thing to play, a fighter. When I saw the dragonborn was an option I jumped at as the flood of his backstory came rushing into my brain. The Dagobah Dragonsnake monster Luke and R2 encounter mixed with Shrek. When trying to decide his head I opted for a more Don Bluth inspired look because I wanted to play him as a dumb brute.

As a custom, it has been fun and challenging. I typically finish a custom and leave it as a moment in time of my skills and interest, but Hermie is in constant evolution with me constantly upgrading their gear and weapons. Between adventures, I do small diorama shots, usually as dreams, based somewhat on what happened in the previous adventure.

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