Head: Dusty
Chest&arms: Cobra guard
Legs: Falcon
Ax: Alpine
Mask: Ripcord

At the 1960 Valentine Bluff's Valentines day dance the whole town was there except for 7 miners who were still finishing up at the mine. The 2 supervisors decided to cut out early for the dance without checking the methane levels and to make sure the others were out safely. Well while the dance was going full steam and the supervisors were partying the night away an explosion went off in the mine, trapping the remaining miners. They were trapped down in the mine for weeks and when the rescue team finally reached them only one miner remained, Harry Warden. He had resorted to eating the others to survive. Being trapped down in the mine and having to eat his buddies left him mad. He spent the next year in an institution and shortly before the '61 Valentines day dance he escaped and exacted his revenge...on all of Valentines Bluff.

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