Head: NS Destro
Chest/back, arms: NS BAT
Chest/shoulder armor: Imaginext- ??? w/ Star Wars kibble
Human hand, wrist: ROC Storm Shadow
Waist: NS Night Creeper
Upper Legs: NS Snake-Eyes
Lower Legs: Star Wars- Super Battle Droid


Robo-Joe is one of the most hated GI Joe characters of all time. A blatant Robocop rip-off, Hasbro further disgraced the character with being part of the poorly-sculpted Star Brigade subset. As if that wasn't enough, a large dose of orange as salt in the wound.


Mostly junk robot parts. Unlike the oversized mega-bulky look of the original Hasbro figure, this custom has a lean sinewy look. The leg pouches on the Snake-Eyes legs held some appeal because they seemed like they might hold battery packs or spare parts. The human hand isn't an intentional element; the donor BAT figure was missing its removable robot hand. A slightly large head helps the other parts look a bit leaner and more wiry than they actually are.

Colors & Paint:

It wouldn't be Robo-Joe if it weren't orange and black. Sigh. However, I went with solid orange for all of the parts, with lots of black wash, re-topped with orange drybrushing.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The helmet/shoulder chest armor is two different Imaginext pieces cobbled together, with some Star Wars kibble glued on.

One side of the robotic Destro face was removed and replaced with a human face. The hair is epoxy sculpted.

The Snake-Eyes legs were chopped above the knees and replaced with the Super Battle Droid

Thanks for looking.

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