Head: 25A Serpentor helmet over NS Sand Viper
Chest/back: DCIH- Gotham SWAT Officer
Arms/hands: NS Viper
Wrists: ROC Storm Shadow
Waist: NS Hard Drive
Legs: BTR Blowtorch


When the Crimson Horseman was released the figure had no appeal for me. When the same concept was re-done in metallic blue with black and silver details, though, it caught my eye. These figures translate the modern era design into mixed format figures that keep the look/feel, but with better proportions.

I don't have a good way to paint/print a gold Cobra symbol on the curved face plate, so I moved the gold to the Sam Brown belt across the chest.

The Hasbro figure had red mines, so painting the BTR pegs red was a good way to utilize and blend them into the design.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The faceplate for the helmet is sculpted from epoxy.

To correct the proportions, the "spine" was extended down, which created a midriff gap. The gap is epoxy sculpted, and the elbow pins and thigh screw insets are epoxy smoothed.

The arms' proportions are also corrected by adding wrists.

Thanks for looking.

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