Head: '85 Barbecue
Torso: '91 BAT
Arms: '93 Mace
Waist: '91 Snake Eyes
Legs: '90 Laser Viper

The weapons of tomorrow, in the hands of the most skilled soldiers today! Each Hi-tech soldier is equipped with their own individual, specially designed laser weapon allowing you to control the battle!

Steel Cobra, Laser Weapons Specialist
File name: Unknown
One of the most feared of all Cobra's operatives, the enigmatic Steel Cobra is also one of the most boastful. An egotist to the core, his conceit is only outdone by his expert skill in laser based weapons platforms. While most Cobra's find the Steel Cobra's cocksure attitude an annoyance, Major Bludd finds it quite endearing, and has even written a poem or two about it.
"In the past, the Steel Cobra has been known to wield a wide array laser based projectile weapons, he traded the laser rifle for a close quarters laser sword after learning the legendary Snake Eyes was going to be hunting him down. Still waiting to find a Joe that can best him in combat, he cherishes the thought of clashing swords with the ninja commando.

A late addition to the Laser Wave subset, Steel Cobra was added in after I decided to make one of the other planned Cobra's into Snake Eyes. This figure had already been pieced together but hadn't had any plans for it yet, so it ended up being a quick addition with minimal paint applications.

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