Entire figure: BFS HACKS silver figure and Gladiator arm, skirt, and harness
HACKS gold armor shin guards
Battle Hammer: Trigate cast on a Dollar General Darth Vader lightsaber shaft
Sword: Marvel Universe Captain Britain Excalibur
Surf shield: Tongue depressor, Iron Man stand, HACKS shield handle

I had no intention of making this custom. I was cleaning up the workbench and condensing stuff down when I found the silver HACKS figure at the bottom of a tote. Next thing I know, he's wearing armor and swinging a battle hammer I'd just finished making for no one in particular. Since the figure was simple, I decided to complicate things and make the board so it could work as a shield too. The metallic silver I sprayed on sparkles in the sunlight brilliantly. I put rubber bands on the tongue depressor so the layers of paint would create the grooves the surfboard has when I cut them off.

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