Diamond Select Disney Muppets Scooter
Helmet: Sgt Savage
Sunglasses: Jakks WWE Rock
Vest: 2006 TRU Steel Brigade
Rifle: Retaliation Firefox
Holster: Marauder MTF
Robocop's gun: Ready Player 1
Feet: Sandman Spiderman 3

Back in college I customized a Mattel Muppets Scooter into a GI Joe using sculpted Crayon and Playdoh for boonie hat. I thought it was quite clever and it spring boarded me into customizing as a hobby. Over the weekend, I started sorting through my figures and had to throw out that custom because mold had started growing in it. Not on it, in it. I felt really bad...for about two hours. That's when the Diamond Select Muppets I forgot I preordered showed up at my door. Serendipity. Next thing I know, I'm slapping some gear on him to make him into a Steel Brigade LBC. Other than the hands not being able grip the gun that well, it is a surprisingly pretty fun custom.

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