Head: Star Wars- ???
Chest/back, hands: DCIH- The Question
Arms: 25A Wild Bill
Waist, legs: Duck Dynasty- ???


James Bond boss at MI6, this figure isn't based on any particular actor in the role, though it borrows from both Robert Brown and Ralph Fiennes. The Star Wars head looks somewhat like both of them, although with thicker hair up top. The legs are from a Duck Dynasty figure, another attempt to make the suit look as different as possible from my other suit figures, which all use the DCIH- The Question front/back.

Colors & Paint:

Navy suit, grey shirt, charcoal tie. Trying to play the various suit figures against each other as much as possible.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head was chopped off at the neck and then tapered onto the existing neck.

The hands of the DCIH body were added to the Wild Bill arms. They're too thick, but help to make the figure look different when placed with other figures using the DCIH chest/back.

The waist and tops of the legs were whittled down to fit the bottom of the jacket.

Special thanks to 2DARK2C for providing the Duck Dynasty figure!

Thanks for looking.

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