Head: NS Zartan
Helmet: 25A Wild Bill
Chest/back: NS Stalker
Arms: NS Dusty
Waist, legs: NS Gung Ho
Jetpack: ???


One of India's Funskool original characters, Skydiver was a mix of Crazy Legs and Beach-Head parts, plus a parachute.


Instead of keeping Skydiver a paratrooper, I've converted the character to more of a jetpack trooper, because jetpacks are awesome. The NS parts, especially the upper body, don't particularly match the design of the Funskool figure. But that's fine.
Using the tiny Zartan head with the 25A Wild Bill helmet allows us to see that Skydiver is wearing a stocking cap. Even with the helmet, the head is really too small on the body. But I wanted to move that Zartan head out of the fodder pile and there will never be a better reason.

I'm not sure which line supplied the Jetpack, but I'd guess Captain America.

Colors & Paint:

As a Funskool character, the colors were crazy and random. To enhance the palette, and to stress that this character is from India, the back panels of the jetpack are painted to match the flag of India.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The turtleneck collar is sculpted from an o-ring. The thigh screw insets are epoxied smooth.

Thanks for looking.

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