Base: Jurassic World Indoraptor
Arms: BAF Sauron

After the fall of Jurassic Park and later Jurassic World, the InGen convinced the United Nations that there were no more dinosaur islands. They lied. They had several islands creating not only dinosaurs from the past but several new dinosaur hybrids. The Raptordon is a combination of Indoraptor and Pteranodon making it an ultimate killing machine.

I saw someone else make this a couple years back and knew I wanted one. They had done some major surgery using crews and bolts and what not to get the Sauron arms to work. Instead what I did was leave the existing shoulder joint of the Indoraptor. I then modified the pegs of the Sauron arms to fit in the holes of the shoulder. It's sloppy but it works for me.

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