Head: Bossfight
Hair: Spawn figure
Torso: Star Wars Sith Lord
Arms: Indiana Jones Russian Officer
Hands: Bossfight
Waist: Tomax
Upper legs, knees: Storm Shadow
Lower legs: Indiana Jones Chief Temple Guard (shortened)
Shoulder armor, sash, waist sash: Tomax
Hip guard: Zanzibar
Boot cuffs: Bossfight
Sword: AWOK
Base: Hydroman, cotton balls, round figure stand
Lamp: Disney

Genie, one of the last remaining Djinn in the universe. Some say he is older than time itself. Others say his powers are so great that he has created universes. He has been seen throughout the universe in different times, on different planets, spanning all of known history. While he has very specific rules about what wishes he will grant he is not opposed to being mischievous with how exactly he grants wishes. Unlike the other Djinn, Genie doesn't have to grant wishes, he likes to just to watch the reaction as things don't go as the wisher planned.

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