Head: NS Stalker
Boots: NS Neo Viper
All else: Jonny Quest- Jonny Quest (cowboy outfit)
Gurkha knife: Scratch build by 2DARK2C
Pouches on legs: push mold from Resolute Flint vest
Pouch on back: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones


Tygre would have been an Eagle Force member in Mego's unreleased wave, but the company folded and Tygre never came to be.


Most of my Eagle Force customs have been made using 25A or Marvel Universe bodies, so the Jonny Quest body gives Tygre a comparatively short frame.

The JQ figures are fun, even if they're an obvious mid-90's toy line. Despite their screw-together torsos, Galoob's use of sonic welding or glue keeps the figures from being easily disassembled. The easiest way to customize them is the chop off the hands/gloves and feet/boots and add them to other toy lines' figures or vice versa.

I cheated the height just a smidge by using the Neo Viper boots. The Stalker head is a good enough match for Paul Kirchner's drawing.

The Gurkha knife is really the centerpiece that holds this custom together, and 2DARK2C gets the credit for that.

Paul Kirchner's artwork featured Tygre having a mustache. I'm not sure how accurate that is, as I couldn't find and contemporary images of Gurkha soldiers sporting mustaches or goatees.

On an artistic note, I started by Eagle Force project back in 2011, beginning with Savitar. Since then I've made customs of every Eagle Force / RIOT figure that Mego made, plus most of the unproduced characters. With only 3 left after Tygre, I'll be glad to finish this decade-long project. That probably won't be until 2023, though, given my slow rate. The re-introduction of Eagle Force through online retail by Fresh Monkey Fiction has really taken away my drive. FMF has made amazing product that I can't compete with. Seeing something so well done makes my set of customs seem pointless, but I'm determined to see the it through.

Colors & Paint:

My EF customs sport a tan/yellow/orange camouflage pattern to homage the metallic gold of the Mego figures... without being metallic gold. Tygre would have had black tiger stripes over his Mego figure, but I stuck with how I've been doing it. The knife and the draped neckerchief make Tygre look badass enough.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The goatee was removed from the Stalker head and the lower 1/3 of the face was resculpted. The Jonny Quest head was removed and replaced with the Stalker head. Epoxy was added to the beret to give it more mass.

The elbow pin holes and thigh screw insets were epoxied smooth. The boots were removed and replaced.

The knife gets its own description...

Gurkha Knife:

Custom built for this project by 2DARK2C. It's amazing, and the most important part of the figure. Here's how he described making it:

"This one was pretty simple and came down to finding that razor blade with enough area to get the blade shape. I traced a pattern in marker then rough cut it with a dremel separating disc. after that I ground it to shape with a mizzy wheel. That got me to a knife blank in the correct shape. Next I used the mizzy wheel to grind an edge. At this point I took a lighter and heated the entire blade and 'quenched' it in burr lube. A step that isn't necessary for a tiny knife, but it gives the blade a unique color depending on what kind of metal it is made of. Next I cut a piece of brass for the guard. I cut it oversized so it is easier to hold to drill holes to fit it to the tang of the knife. After it is fit to the tang, I shape it. Then I take a sanding disc and hit the edges of the blade to 'sharpen' it. The last step is making the handle. Here i just used a couple layers of electrical heat shrink."

A special thanks to 2DARK2C for making the Gurkha knife.

Thanks for looking.

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